Laura Ingraham Comes Forward, Sends Lawyer Avenatti Scurrying Back Under Rock He Crawled From

Image Source: Video screen shots

Did you know that Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti worked for Rahm Emanuel?

Doing opposition research, the dirtiest job in politics, for Rahm’s personal opposition research firm? (Video Below)

Imagine what shady deals those two guys were up to? You know it couldn’t have been good that’s for sure.

Laura Ingraham knows this and does not suffer obvious fools like lawyer Avenatti, so she took him on and sent him scurrying back under the rock he crawled from to attack Trump last night.

From Mediaite:

Ingraham mocked Avenatti for issuing “mistruths” as well as his claim the “fact” that the FBI wiretapped Cohen leading up to the raids. (Video Below)

“There has been quite a few- have been quite a few mistruths stated by Michael Avenatti, who was brought onto some of these other networks, as almost like an analyst. They almost forget that he’s representing a client. And instead, he says something and then the chyron’s, Trump, Cohen Bombshell, Russian oligarch’ without almost looking into the details,” Ingraham told the panel. “It’s wild.”

Fox News contributor Byron York expressed skepticism about the importance of Cohen’s ties to the oligarch since Robert Mueller‘s investigators “farmed” it over to the attorneys in the Southern District of New York. Ingraham added that the company in question was “American-led” and “American-run” and joked that if you ordered a “White Russian” at a restaurant, you’re “part of the collusion.”

“I think it hurts the case,” Ingraham continued. “I think it’s really shortsighted for the media to take almost everything this guy says as gospel and I think they are embarrassing themselves every night on this.” (Video Below)

Well said. And it doesn’t just hurt his case, it devastates his case – the truth will come out and this whole charade will be over soon.