What Roseanne Just Said Silenced Pelosi And Guarantees Trump Wins Reelection In Landslide

Image Source: Video screen shots. Edited by US4Trump

The left lives in their wealthy enclaves and has literally no idea about the struggles of middle America.

They sleep at night content with the little lies they tell themselves as they grow even richer off illegal immigration and outsourcing jobs.

We struggle and they profit, and they wonder why Trump crushed them all?

Thankfully Roseanne Barr is no fool and she set the record straight in plain language that even the left can understand.

She tweeted, “tonight’s show is about the impact of legal and illegal immigration on our family.” And, “We can’t pay r bills!”

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“I got underbid on Al’s job. He’s using illegals,” Dan explains to Roseanne, who’s worried about the family’s ability to survive “It ain’t Rosie. Those guys are so desperate they’ll work for nothing and we’re getting screwed in the process. All I know is we can’t pay our bills.”

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How many Americans have been screwed over by illegal immigration and sending our jobs to China and Mexico so the billionaires could make a few extra billion?

Too numerous to count and while the media tries to make their case to elect Democrats in 2018 and anyone but Trump in 2020, we remember.

The elections will come down to the illegal immigration issue.

The Democrats want more of it and worse, they want you to pay for the welfare of those who will slowly take our jobs or drive down our wages.

The GOP, on the other hand, wants to protect the American worker.

Who do you think Americans will vote for in 2020?

Trump or the chump that wants to take your job and starve your family?