After Being Called ‘Fake News’ By Pres Trump, Reporter Caught Pouting In The Corner

President Trump, Acosta via

Thursday, May 10, marked a historic day for our site, since it was the first time in our young existence, we were granted media credentials by President Trump’s team. And it couldn’t have happened at a more exciting event than the Elkhart, Indiana rally held at Northside Middle School, that featured President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

The pair promoted former state Rep. Mike Braun, who is taking on incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly for a highly contested Senate seat. Trump and Pence both also touted a wide range of campaign promises that have been met since President Trump took the oath of office. And they both stressed the importance of unseating Democrats with Republicans in the November mid-terms to help see through the rest of Trump’s agenda.

The energy in the jam-packed gymnasium was high, as President Trump and VP Pence discussed key accomplishments, including tax cuts, job growth, bringing peace between North and South Korea, the ending of Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal and the opening of our Embassy in Jerusalem within upcoming months.

And one of the core highlights of the event that brought the crowd to their toes is when President Trump called out the “Fake News,” and pointed to the press pool, where we were located along with the multiple local and national media networks. The crowd erupted, yelling at members of the media. Trump said:

“Everybody back there in the fake news media, look at all of them. They’re fake news!”

Sitting in that area, it was amusing to see the reactions of fellow members of the press, as our media group was probably one of the few in the press pool who supports the President. But most notable, was the reaction of Jim Acosta of CNN who was within feet away. See Below

Trump Calls Out Fake News Media

Acosta, who was standing in the press area, got the most attention from the crowd as they yelled “Fake News!” And his reaction was priceless, as from that point on, he sat down and kept his head down in shame. See Below

Acosta’s Initial Reaction To Being Called “Fake News” By President Trump

Acosta for much of the rally after being called ‘Fake News’ by President Trump.

Acosta has been caught repeated times lacing questions directed at Sarah Sanders and President Trump with Anti-Trump bias. And the network he represents, CNN, do all they can to bash President Trump and his agenda every chance they get. So, in a sense, Acosta had it coming when he showed up at a Pro-Trump rally, and supporters jumped on the opportunity to tell him how they feel.

Our first press appearance at a Trump Rally will definitely be unforgettable, as it’s not too often you will see President Trump and VP Pence along with one of their major media antagonists in the same building at the same time. And President Trump and his supporters definitely capitalized on the opportunity without a doubt!

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