Reporter’s BREAKTHROUGH Discovery Suggests Thicker FBI Plot To Oust Trump

Would you believe Obama era partisans planting spies inside Trump's White House? Image credit to US4Trump.Would you believe Obama era partisans planting spies inside Trump's White House? Image credit to US4Trump.

Kimberley Strassel is a columnist for the  Wall Street Journal. She writes a column called Potomac Watch once a week on the edit page.

Kimberley made a volcano erupt when she wrote a piece called “About That FBI ‘Source’. Did the bureau engage in outright spying against the 2016 Trump campaign?” (MORE BELOW.)

The ongoing battle of Congressional Oversight Committees vs. the FBI/DOJ. 

The congressional oversight committees have been trying to receive information from the DOJ and FBI. They have been stonewalled. The committee chairman’s have had their character’s maligned, and they have had to subpoena the FBI and DOJ for records.

Additionally, they have gone so far as to write articles of impeachment on Christopher Wray, FBI and Jeff Sessions, DOJ to get to the down and dirty TRUTH.

The question then becomes, why? Why are the congressional oversight committees having to go to these extremes to receive documents that We The People have every right to know about? (Continued below.)

Historically, it is not typical to have to go to those lengths. Nor has this amount of obstructionism been seen. In the past, the FBI and DOJ knew it was the congress who had oversight over them. And would simply hand over any documents being sought. To read a first hand account, click here.

So what did Kim Strassel of the WSJ, mean when she suggested there was a mole inside the White House? 

Kimberley, reports, “The FBI briefed House Intelligence Committee members about a top-secret intelligence source but did not allow them to see documents.” (MORE BELOW.)

Strassel continues:

“I believe I know the name of the informant, but my intelligence sources did not provide it to me and refuse to confirm it. It would therefore be irresponsible to publish it. But what is clear is that we’ve barely scratched the surface of the FBI’s 2016 behavior, and the country will never get the straight story until President Trump moves to declassify everything possible. It’s time to rip off the Band-Aid.

Recently, “Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s response was to double down—accusing the House of “extortion” and delivering a speech in which he claimed that “declining to open the FBI’s files to review” is a constitutional “duty.” Justice asked the White House to back its stonewall. And it even began spinning that daddy of all superspook arguments—that revealing any detail about this particular asset could result in “loss of human lives.”

Hopefully, the volcano is about to erupt. However, it appears the documents would have to be declassified by POTUS in order to get to the TRUTH.

Andrew C .McCathy National Review columnist and former U.S. Attorney, tweets Kim’s piece from the WSJ. He says, “About That FBI ‘Source,’ more critically important work by “. Click here or the link below to read it in full. (MORE BELOW.) 

Moreover, Kim also tweets a follow up, she says, “This is an important piece, to put in context the recent obstruction of DOJ/FBI. “In those days a congressional committee didn’t need a subpoena to get information from the FBI.” Click here to read Thomas Baker’s “The FBI’s Shocking Disrespect for Congress” or the link below in Kim’s tweet.

Who do you think it is that Rosenstein is protecting? Would you put it passed the Obama era partisans to have planted a mole inside the White House? To go along with the wiretapping? Leave a reply and join the discussion and hit the subscribe button below!