Eric Bolling STAMPEDES Scoundrel Who Just Played A Devilish Mother’s Day Act On His Wife

Eric Bolling via The Daily Signal

Eric Bolling, former Fox News broadcaster, current host of “America” on CRTV and avid Trump supporter, experienced a tragic loss when his son passed away in September of 2017.

The media pounced and peddled false stories that were so very hurtful to Eric and his wife. (MORE BELOW.)

They tried to link the accidental overdose death of his son to Eric’s troubles at Fox News. In effect, they were trying to blame Eric for his son’s death.

On the eve of Mother’s Day a hateful reminder of Eric’s son’s death was sent to him. 

In a hate filled tweet by a twitter handle, “marc hernandez”, was so outrageously inappropriate that the tweet has since been deleted. However, the tweet was screen captured before it became inaccessible.

Eric responded to the ghastly tweet in a heartfelt message which included his sincere thoughts for his wife. This is the first Mother’s Day since their son passed away. (Continued below.)

The distasteful message states, “Do you miss your dead drug addict son?” (See Screen Shot Below.)

It must be awful to walk around with that much hate in your heart that you would attack someone on that level on Mother’s Day.

However, Eric who has a heart of gold, responds in a way that includes the praying hands emoticon for the offender. (SEE TWEET BELOW.)

Eric responds, “Hate on me, fine… but it’s Mother’s Day eve, have a shred of humanity.. for my wife. God save us from hate like this.  

Deleted tweet content. Currently twiitter message states: 'Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!" Image credit to US4Trump screen capture from Eric Bolling's public twitter account.

Deleted tweet content. Currently twitter message states: ‘Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” Image credit to US4Trump screen capture from Eric Bolling’s public twitter account.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Bolling family as they cope with their loss on top of the difficult time they’re already going through on Mother’s Day.