Sean Hannity Comes Forward, Reminds Bob Mueller Who’s Really Boss And Liberals Are Fuming

Sean Hannity had the noted constitutional scholar Mark Levin on his show the other night and they had a very important discussion that had Bob Mueller stand up and take notice.

Look, there are only a handful people in the entire country who know the constitution as well as Mark Levin.

When he speaks on this topic most people tend to listen with both ears.

“Mark Levin said that the framers never even dreamed that one man, one prosecutor, would have the power to usurp the entire constitutional power of Congress to impeach the president…”

Correct. This is starting to be a massive abuse of power and constitutional norms. Look, we have the rule of law in the country, not the rule of 1 man.

“Levin says it’s time for Sessions to step up and Rosenstein has to wake up… He says that Mueller is undermining the Constitution with his investigation and that it’s unconstitutional because the framers did not intend for one man to have the power to impeach the president.”

Levin continues laying out what’s at stake for the President with Bob Mueller’s witch hunt before turning and reminding the fake news media about the uncomfortable truth they refuse to face.

Congress, not Bob Mueller will decide if any high crimes and misdemeanors have occurred.

In short, Mueller is doing is damage to the constitution and to rule of law but to actually touch President Trump, Mueller will need help from the Congress.

Elections have consequences, as Obama famously once said, and the GOP controls Congress.

As long as it does, the GOP and the GOP alone will decide this case – the Democrats do not even get a voice in the matter.

As it should be.


Source: Patriot Journal.