PRAYERS NEEDED: Charles Krauthammer Comes Forward With An Update On His Health For His Fans

Image source: US4Trump video screen capture.Image source: US4Trump video screen capture.

Our favorite Pultizer Prize winner is back in the news! Charles Krauthammer, is on an extended absence from the Fox News panel. Charles underwent surgery in summer of 2017 and due to complications, he is still recovering.

In February, we were updated on his recovery, as he shared with Fox News that he was “determined to make it back.” He said, “I’ve go to – I can’t let you guys have all the fun.” (Video tweet below.)

Now, Bret Baier has reported that Krauthammer’s recovery is improving. (MORE BELOW.)

The worst now appears to be behind me, and I’m finally getting back on track with the rehab schedule that will eventually get me home,” he told Baier in an email the host read on-air Monday, per Fox News.

And for a little extra pep in his step, the political community has given Krauthammer a great honor. “In addition to the news, Baier said Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer sent Krauthammer a letter notifying him that he will be honored Monday for “uniquely valuable contributions to Israel.”

Letter to Charles Krauthammer. Image credit to Fox News Special Report.

Letter to Charles Krauthammer. Image credit to Fox News Special Report.

Although Krauthammer is still in the hospital for rehabilitation, this does not prevent him from being acknowledged for his great contributions to the world and Christianity.

Fox News reports, “Baier said that Krauthammer’s son Daniel will attend the Washington reception and accept the award on behalf of his father.”

Daniel Krauthammer. Photo credit to: Articlebio.

Daniel Krauthammer. Photo credit to: Articlebio.

If you would like read more about this father and son pair, then click here. The article entitled “Five facts about Charles Krauthammer and son Daniel Krauthammer,” is filled with fun facts!

In closing, we would like to extend our warmest congratulations to Charles for his well deserved award. And extend our best thoughts and prayers for his recovery. Additionally, our thoughts are with our First Lady who is in the hospital today as well. Click here to read more on Melania.

Would you like to see Charles back soon?