Media Hangs Head In Shame After Seeing What’s Really In President Trump’s Hand During Speech

Source: CNN Screenshot, Twitter

The media will stop at nothing to try to take down President Trump. It is a sad day in America when they actively collude with the two establishment parties to try to hurt the winner of an election.

The people chose and we did not choose the GOP or the Dem establishments.

We chose Trump to combat the corruption and greed of these two political parties.

In doing so we rejected them, their 40 years of failure and selling out middle America, and most importantly their mouthpieces in the media.

The media’s role in all the anti-Trump nonsense deserves a lot more criticism. Take CNN, who ran this hit piece trying to show their brainwashed followers that Trump is a racist.

A new poll showing a majority of Americans think President Donald Trump is a racist reflects an unmitigated disaster for the nation — it is a sad testament to Trump’s fateful decision to draw political sustenance from the poisoned well of racial resentment. (Read more below)

A house divided against itself cannot stand, Abraham Lincoln said 160 years ago. It’s no less true today: Our nation fails a little bit when some are scorned, ignored, cast out as perpetually inferior, inherently criminal and morally unworthy of help, respect and a hand up.

But from Lincoln’s day to the present moment, there have always been politicians willing to stoke resentment and pander to fear and hatred. It is a simple, durable and reliable path to power. Trump chose that path.

The article, I mean hit piece, drones on and on and I will spare you the rest but you can see how they work to create a false narrative. (Read more below)

Once they create it, they can reinforce it through endless repetition. Their incurious audience eats it up and never questions the fake narrative the media planted inside their heads.

Which is why you will never see the below picture on any mainstream media outlet – the liberals are fragile and the truth may just set them free.