What Ted Cruz Just Said Will Go Down In History As Day Liberal Media Betrayed America

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Thank God for Ted Cruz. He is a truth teller and he never wavers in telling the hard truths that America needs to hear.

Sure he gets gruff from both sides of the aisle for exposing the truth when a lie is better for certain people’s careers, but we need more guys like him in Congress.

As to the fake news media…

They prefer to control the minds of their readers and viewers because if the brainwashed left actually thought for themselves we would live in a totally different country.

From the Free Beacon:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) on Thursday blasted the media’s anti-Israel bias in the wake of recent violent riots at the Gaza-Israel border organized by the terrorist group Hamas.

Cruz took to the Senate floor where, as an example of the bias, he held up a story from Monday’s New York Times, titled “Israel Kills Dozens at Gaza Border as U.S. Embassy Opens in Jerusalem.”

“We can count on global media elites acting as little more than propaganda arms for Hamas and other terrorists and no week has that been more evident than this week,” Cruz said.

“For several weeks, we’ve seen riots and violent attacks at Israel’s border, terrorist attacks that culminated in the attacks that led to these shootings in self-defense,” Cruz said. “The rioters, they use massive tire fires to create smoke to cover their attacks, they use guns, they use pipe bombs, they use molotov cocktails, they use grenades, they use mechanical catapults to attack the border and to attack Israeli troops. They tie petrol bombs to kites and they launch them to set fire to Israeli fields and livestock.”

Cruz, who attended the U.S. embassy dedication on Monday, blasted the New York Times for not including pictures of Hamas’ kites with swastikas or their maps with directions to Israelis intended to make it easier to kill them. He further criticized the media for burying the fact that the violent protesters used molotov cocktails and other weapons against Israelis.

Cruz said as a result of their bias reporting, the New York Times and other outlets who wrote similar stories should not be surprised when they are labeled “fake news.”