Don Jr. Discovers Easy Way To Humiliate Adam Schiff Over His Serial Leaking

Don Junior decimates Adam Schiff for leaking closed door congressional meetings. Image credit to US4Trump with MSNBC Screen Shot, Hannity Screen Shot.Don Junior decimates Adam Schiff for leaking closed door congressional meetings. Image credit to US4Trump with MSNBC Screen Shot, Hannity Screen Shot.

Donald Trump Jr., joins Watters’ World and sheds light on Adam Schiff’s leaking problem. It’s funny the way the truth has a way of pegging people for their lies.

Little Adam Schiff is like an addict and he can’t stop leaking information from Congress. Moreover,  Donald Trump Junior tells what happened and why Schiff is leaking.

In the tell-all by Don Jr., he illuminates the fact that Schiff leaked behind closed-door testimony. When there is a congressional hearing that is closed, everyone turns in their cell phones at the door.

Schiff kept getting up to go to the bathroom. And moments later, the private closed-door hearing is being blasted over the CNN airwaves. This is doubly damaging because closed-door hearings are then no longer held to the higher standard of confidentiality.

Schiff has done more to harm America that can be accounted.

Don Jr. OWNS Schiff’s and calls out Adam’s leaking problem with a TRUTH bomb! (MORE BELOW.)

Host Jesse Watters asks DJT Jr., “One of the people giving you a hard time is Schiff.  One of the House Intelligence Committee democrats. What would you like to say to him right now?”

And Donald Trump Jr., says exactly what he would like to say in no uncertain terms. DJT Jr., has great authenticity behind his words.

Because you can not make the truth up and make it sound authentic. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Don Junior responds, “I think he’s got some soul-searching to do. He’s been out there–99 percent of intelligent people believe he’s the person leaking this. When I did my testimony to his committee, it was supposed to be behind closed doors. It was supposed to be secret.”

He continues, “We get done at 7:00 at night. I go. And starting at 12:00, in my Twitter feed. I’m reading about, verbatim, what’s going on in the room. So as people are taking bathroom breaks this is being leaked. From the House Intelligence Committee. Think about that. But that’s what’s going on in our Government.”

Then Don Jr. says it. He tells why Schiff lies, “He’s scared. Because he’s had the media in their back pockets. As we see from all of this. These guys are working together with the radical left.” (MORE BELOW.)

“And they’re getting whatever they want done. The problem is, they used to have some credibility. The people still believe that so they’re able to sell that narrative. That’s why you can see that they’re ramping up so effectively to try and say this isn’t really a big deal. This is made-up. This is going to be a big dud,” Don Jr. states.


In ending, there is nothing like the truth to bring down the false narratives circulating to bring down our President. Are you ready to see America continue with the POTUS’ agenda? Are you ready and planning to vote in the Republican 2018 mid-terms? Drop a reply below and hit the subscribe button!