Laura Ingraham Comes Forward, Sends James Clapper And Rest Straight To Prison With New Revelation

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The deep state has been caught and what they did will go down in history as the ultimate betrayal.

Look, elections have consequences and if they were so concerned about what Trump promised the American worker they should have made a stronger case for Hillary and the establishment. (Video Below)

They ran the show for 50 years and they blew it and Trump promised change and we, the voters, agreed.

What they did next to undermine the will of the people and try to stop Trump will go down in history as a truly ugly chapter in US history.

Because, according to Michael Caputo and Carter Page who dropped a new bombshell last night on Laura Ingraham’s show, not only with Trump be cleared but Clapper and the rest will be going to prison for a long time.

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From Breitbart:

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle,” in a joint appearance with former Trump campaign national security adviser Carter Page, former Trump adviser Michael Caputo alleged that there was more than one informant that approach their campaign during the 2016 election cycle.

“You have spent time in Russia — Carter and I both have,” Caputo said. “In Russia, they call this the Siloviki — the national security leadership that secretly spies on the citizenry of Russia and here we are in the United States with our own Siloviki underneath President Obama. Let me tell you something that I know for a fact: This informant, this person that they planted, try to plant into the campaign and even into the administration if you believe Axios — he’s not the only person that came at the campaign and the FBI is not the only Obama agency that came at the campaign.”

“I know because they came at me, and I’m looking for clearance from my attorney to reveal this to the public,” he added. “This is just the beginning. And I’ll tell you, when we finally find out the truth about this Director Clapper and the rest of them are going to be wearing some orange suits.”

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