Hilarious New Nickname For Obama Library Instantly Goes Viral – Michelle’s Furious

Source: White House

Barack Obama has always been his own worst enemy because he simply cannot control his ego. It’s too big.

Case in point: Obama’s Presidential library in Chicago which has a hilarious new nickname from Chicago reporter John Kass.

From The Chicago Tribune:

Chicago may not have enough cops to patrol the streets, taxes are going up and residents are fleeing for safety and jobs.

But you really can’t say City Hall ignores the important things.

The Barack Obama Temple of Adoration and Fealty is important.

It’s vitally important to Mayor Rahm Emanuel and aldermen seeking re-election, whether taxpayers like it or not.

The Barack Obama Temple of Adoration and Fealty… Ouch you know that one hurt Barack Obama. Kass continues:

Emanuel said the project, most of it privately funded — though it’ll be on priceless free parkland including a killer golf course — will cost around $750 million.

And there will likely be other public costs on top of that $175 million in taxpayer money for street improvements.

A bargain at any price, no?

It’s not a presidential library, as it won’t hold the presidential papers. But as a temple to a political god, it’s perfect.

What it really needs is a giant Obama head carved in granite on top, with glowing eyes to focus beams of social warrior justice where needed in the city of his political birth.

The mayor and aldermen keep calling it a library. Rahm wants that big hug from big O.

Perhaps someday we may all purchase Obama tchotchkes there — even the poor who’ll be moved out when rents go up.

Presidential golf clubs or a Michelle Obama vegetable peeler for nutritious school lunches would be nice.

But you know what would really be great? A snow globe with a tiny Obama and a tiny former CIA boss John Brennan, whispering about how best to protect the republic.

Too good… If you agree with John Kass help this go viral and share it everywhere.