James Woods Launches Fresh Attack, Exposes Side Of Oprah The Media Is Hiding

James Woods, Oprah via TMZ Screen Grab and CNN Screen Grab and US4Trump.com Compilation

Just months ago, the media and other forces of the left rejoiced the idea of Oprah Winfrey becoming the next President of the Unites States all over a speech she gave at the Golden Globes. Click HERE for details.

And as America waits to see if the famous former talk show host plans to make a run against Trump in 2020, conservative actor James Woods is being pro-active and planning for the worst. On Friday night, Woods unleashed a fresh attack on Oprah and slammed her where it hurts. See Below

Woods, being the Californian resident that he is, has watched the Golden State slowly transform to ruins as a result of failed liberal policy.

And although Democrats and liberal celebrities talk so much about how we should care for those in need, Woods completely exposed just how hypocritical they can be and put his main focus on Oprah with a viral video.

Woods included a 15 second video that shows several homeless people camping out along a street and he stated:

“This is the sidewalk next to Oprah Winfrey’s studio in West Hollywood. She has done extensive, and truly beautiful renovations to The Lot. Brand new apartments were built across the street. The new resident families cannot walk their children on the sidewalk to the local school.” See Below

With a bitter reality bomb like the one James Woods just dropped, it will be tough for Oprah to issue a rebuttal that would work in her favor.

Afterall, the party that wants her to represent them in the 2020 election (Democrats) are primarily responsible for the policy that is causing damage to California citizens, like the ones shown in the video, at the expense of taking care of immigrants who are coming to America illegally.

And even worse than that, Oprah, who is worth multi-millions can gladly prance in her studio, while hundreds of people suffer outside. Why isn’t she trying to do something about the problem and helping the needy?

Hats off to James Woods for exposing more hypocrisy of the left. Do you think he makes a good point? Sound off below and let us know!