GLOVES ARE OFF: Pres Trump FIRES SHOTS At Obama After Finding Out His Dirty Little Secret

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President Trump continued calling out of the phony Russian collusion witch hunt on Twitter Sunday.

Earlier in the day he blasted Crooked Hillary and didn’t hold back. (Video Below)

The President knows the ‘Art of the Deal,’ furthermore, he knows how to trigger the media and his haters without holding back.

President Trump isn’t afraid to call it like he see’s it, which is one of the reasons many American’s stood up and voted for him. Additionally, he gets his message directly out to the American people before the media twists it.

After slamming former Obama officials, the ’13 Angry Democrats’ and Crooked Hillary Clinton in an explosive tweet Sunday morning, he fired shots directly at Obama next.

(Video Below)

The President tweeted, “Why didn’t President Obama do something about the so-called Russian Meddling when he was told about it by the FBI before the Election? Because he thought Crooked Hillary was going to win, and he didn’t want to upset the apple cart! He was in charge, not me, and did nothing.” 

Simple. Any attempts by the Russians to ‘influence’ the 2016 election was so minimal, which is why Obama didn’t act.

Bottom line, the deep state had plans for Crooked Hillary and Trump wasn’t supposed to win.

The President’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, recently said, “the White House hopes to get a readout of the information next week, particularly about the use of a longtime government informant who approached members of Trump’s campaign in a possible bid to glean intelligence on Russian efforts to sway the election.”

In an interview on Fox News Sunday, he said that Mueller’s ‘witch hunt’ into Russia collusion is “rigged” and that investigators are focusing “on things that didn’t happen.” (Video Below)

In addition, Giuliani declared, “We’re not going to sit him down if it’s a trap for perjury!”

We leave with a the moment where former president Obama stuttered, while saying that an election can’t be rigged.

“There is no serious person out there that would suggest somehow that ‘you could even rig America’s elections…’ I’d advise Mr. Trump to stop whining, and try to make his case to get votes.” Obama

WATCH the liar below:

In the words of Judge Jeanine, “‘Liars, Leakers and Liberals’ Trying To Frame Trump: Next Time, Try It On ‘Someone Dumber Than You.” Read about it HERE.

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