After Booing Rudy On His Bday, Yankees Fans Get Served Devastating News

Rudy Giuliani via UPI/John Angelillo

Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City and attorney for President Donald Trump, decided to celebrate his 74th birthday and Memorial Day by attending a Yankees game.

However, much to Rudy’s surprise, fans greeted his appearance by disrespectfully booing at their former mayor as soon as it was announced that he was in attendance. This is how fans decided to treat the man that held the city down, and showed great leadership after the horrific 9/11 terrorist attack that occurred on their soil. But such an act was met with a un-desirable surprise. Video Below


Fans booed the former mayor most likely because New York, a primarily Democrat state, is not fond of the President, and many of NYC’s residents are irked by the fact that Giuliani is fighting to protect Trump against Robert Mueller’s tax-draining Witch Hunt.

Had Giuliani have known he would get such a disgusting response, he may have decided to celebrate his birthday another way. And from that point on, the bad vibes and negativity became viral throughout the stadium and affected the turn of events. See Below

Yankees fans left the stadium devastated after their team was soundly beaten by the Houston Astros 5-1.

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The game outcome wasn’t what Rudy Giuliani, a Yankees fan, hoped to see on his birthday. But it also matched the response by fans booing him, which Giuliani never expected from citizens he helped protect less than two decades ago.

Could it all be a result of the mysterious Trump curse? We’ll let you be the judge!

But we will note it’s rather strange that almost every time someone grabs national attention by speaking out in a disgusting manner towards President Trump or those who surround him, karma finds a way to bite back.

For instance, nearly the entire media was forced to eat crow when Trump won the election after months of getting bashed by them; Odell Beckham broke his leg after acting like he was peeing like a dog on the football field in response to Trump’s dismay for players kneeling for the anthem; Hillary Clinton fell down the stairs after bashing Trump supporters in a book release speech; Lindsey Vonn suffered an injury after saying she was not representing Trump at the Olympics.

And now, we see an entire stadium booing their President’s attorney and instantly get shocked by seeing their team suffer a bitter defeat.

Perhaps with all of the other superstitions that exist in the sports world, fans, athletes and coaches will learn it may not be a wise move to slam the President and his staff. The infamous Trump Curse may find a way to bite back!

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