Herman Cain Reveals The Actual Reason Behind ABC’s Cancellation Of Roseanne

Herman Cain, Roseanne via Screen Grabs

On Tuesday, ABC shocked the nation when they decided to cancel the reboot of ‘Roseanne’ following controversial tweets made by the star actress, Roseanne Barr, directed at Valerie Jarrett.

Roseanne soon apologized after making the remarks and even said she was going to quit Twitter. But this was not enough to sway ABC from letting her go. You can read Roseanne’s full apology HERE. Continued Below

As the news broke about Roseanne, Herman Cain just so happened to be making an appearance on FOX News and was questioned about the matter.

And although Cain believes the comments made by Roseanne were “racist” and “distasteful,” he also said she “vehemently apologized.” And this should have been taken into consideration.

However, Cain hinted that the writing has been on the wall that the show would eventually be cancelled, and he then offered an explanation for his thoughts as to what is actually behind ABC’s bold move to cancel despite an immediate apology.

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Cain agreed that Roseanne’s comments were out of line, but he thinks ABC has been waiting for her to screw up.

Cain said:

“Even though the show was a ratings success, I believe forces within ABC didn’t like the fact that her conservative defense of certain things was so popular and getting such ratings.” Video Below

Herman Cain Sounds Off On ABC’s Cancellation of Roseanne

Cain brings up some interesting points that are sure to add to the current national debate that is underway on whether or not ABC was right or wrong in their decision to get rid of Roseanne.

Some argue that Roseanne had it coming as her remarks were clearly racist. While others have argued that although they were nasty remarks, Roseanne was exercising her free speech. And that ABC is showing double standards, since many of the stars on their programs often make derogatory remarks toward the President and his wife Melania with racist intent, without any apologies issued.

Was ABC right for letting Roseanne go? Scroll down below and let us know what you think!