BAD DAY FOR JIM: White House Just Ruined His Day Sending Poor Reporter On His Way

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CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta wasn’t having a very good day and it was caught on camera.

Poor Jim ran into a conflict with a Secret Service agent on Wednesday. (Video Below)

Acosta apparently wasn’t wearing his press badge when trying to re-enter the White House, and an exchange between him and a Secret Service agent was captured on video and posted to Twitter.

Acosta appeared to be explaining to the agent that he was not wearing his badge because he had just been on the air, but the agent stood her ground and refused to allow Acosta access the White House without proper ID.

In the video Acosta can be hear saying, “That’s why I’m not wearing a badge.”

The agent responded, “That’s fine if you’re on the air. That’s fine. But if you’re walking around when you’re not on camera … you wear it so we know who you are…” (Video Below)

Acosta replied, “I’ve been here five years, nobody has ever said that to me…”

The agent then stuck it to Acosta. “I haven’t been here five years. I’m sorry. I didn’t recognize you.”

(Video Below)

Sorry about your luck Acosta. You’re not as important as you think. Jim must follow the rules too.

Watch as Acosta gets sent away for not wearing his proper identification.

Poor Acosta. LOL!