Right After Pres Trump Signs New Act, He Does Something Remarkable This Child Will Never Forget

President Trump with Jordan McLinn after signing the "Right To Try" Act. Image credit to US4Trump screen capturePresident Trump with Jordan McLinn after signing the "Right To Try" Act. Image credit to US4Trump screen capture.

POTUS was caught on camera with the most adorable patriotic young boy who was not shy! He bravely went in for a hug from the President of The United States and was NOT disappointed! 

Shortly after signing the “Right To Try” Act, Pres Trump gave Jordan McLinn the Century II black pen he used to sign the important Act. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

The little boy who suffers with muscular dystrophy casually went in for a hug then suddenly withdrew. This caused an overload of cuteness. Which then caused laughter from the audience. President Trump then noticed what was going on and leaned in and gave young Jordan a huge Presidential hug!

Additionally, Jordan received a forehead kiss, too! Jordan’s smile had enough wattage to light up D.C.! An absolutely priceless moment in American history.

What exactly is the “Right To Try” Act of 2017? It’s legislation “sponsored by Sen. Ron Johnson (WI-R).” And it “unanimously passed the Senate last August, and cleared the House last week on a party-line vote of 250-169,” as reported by Fox News.

This is most definitely a win for both Senator Johnson, the people of America who want to try an alternate treatment and the Trump administration when POTUS first mentioned it in his State of Union address. Promises made and promises kept! (VIDEO BELOW.) 

“Today I am proud to keep another promise to the American people as I sign the Right to Try legislation into law,” Trump said Wednesday. “We’re going to be saving a tremendous numbers of lives.”

“President Trump kisses Jordan McLinn, who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), after signing the Act today at the .



WATCH VIDEO as Jordan cozies up to the President! Priceless! (MORE BELOW VIDEO.)

Fox News reports:

The President said the issue was “very personal” for him.

“As I proudly sign this bill, thousands of terminally ill Americans will have the help, the hope and the fighting chance — and I think it’s going to be better than chance — that they will be cured, that they will be helped, that they will be able to be with their families for a long time, or maybe just for a longer time,” Trump said. “But we’re able to give them the absolute best we have at this current moment, at this current second. We’re going to help a lot of people. It’s an honor to be signing this.”

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