What Mark Levin Just Exposed About Obama Will Send Him Crawling Back To Hide In The Swamp

Image Source: Video screen shot & Pinterest. Edited by US4Trump.com


Mark Levin, conservative radio host, went off on Obama Friday during an interview on Fox and Friends after Obama reportedly called President Donald Trump a “cartoon.” (VIDEO BELOW)

Ben Rhodes, former Obama adviser, wrote in his new book that Obama was shocked by Trump’s electoral victory and belittled the President by calling him a ‘cartoon.’

When Levin was asked to respond about Obama’s comments on Fox News this morning, he said “I will take a cartoon over a leftist any day of the week! And let me tell you something about this cartoon…

He continued, “This cartoon has stood up to the North Koreans, the Iranians, the Chinese and the Russians. NOTHING OBAMA WAS CAPABLE OF DOING!”

Mark Levin went on to shed light on how Obama used the IRS against his political opponents, mishandling the Benghazi scandal, going on an apology tour, and appointing to the courts ‘left-wing law professors.’ (VIDEO BELOW)

Levin concluded saying, “Cartoon character? I don’t think we need lectures from Barack Obama, quite frankly!!” 

BOOM! Mark Levin is absolutely right.

Watch the explosive video below:

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