After Calling Low Unemployment #’s ‘Meaningless’, Pelosi Gets Spanked By Middle America

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Nancy Pelosi will never be satisfied with the booming economy under President Trump’s WINNING administration.

Earlier this year, Pelosi sarcastically downplayed the bonuses that Americans received as a result of the tax cuts, calling them “crumbs.” The irony is during Obama’s term, his administration did provide only “crumbs” to the American tax payers! (VIDEOS BELOW)

Now, with the May unemployment rate reported at it’s lowest in nearly 50 years at 3.8 %, Pelosi termed the outcome as “meaningless” and claimed that “democrats will never stop fighting for the hard-working middle class families who are the backbone of our nation!” WOW!

Pelosi said “May’s jobs report shows that strong employment numbers mean little to the families hit with soaring new costs under the Republicans’ watch.”

She went onto say “Republicans’ cruel, cynical health care sabotage campaign is already spiking families’ premiums by double digits and pushing millions off their coverage, according to the nonpartisan CBO,” and that “the President’s reckless policies are exploding gas prices, wiping out the few meager gains that some families should have received from the GOP tax scam, as wages remain stagnant.”

“Democrats know that the American people deserve A Better Deal, with Better Jobs, Better Wages and a Better Future.  We are committed to creating millions of new good-paying jobs and raising wages, lowering the soaring cost of living for families and giving every American the tools to succeed in the 21st Century economy.  Democrats will never stop fighting for the hard-working middle class families who are the backbone of our nation,” Pelosi says. (VIDEOS BELOW)

President Trump’s tax and regulatory reform policies in fact helped to create a pro-growth environment and Americans are benefiting every day through employment opportunities, higher wages, bonuses, and benefits for themselves and families.

As the economy continues to grow, Democrats will continue to turn their back on the data, but facts don’t lie!

Businesses added 223,000 jobs in May, up from 159,000 in April, driving the unemployment rate to 3.8 percent. (VIDEOS BELOW)

Stuart Varney slams Pelosi saying she is downplaying the positive unemployment numbers and this is a sign of desperation!

Varney said “The Democrats do not have a growth plan! They don’t have one! So they have to criticize the president’s growth plan because it is working!”