STRIKE THREE: Trump Unveils Perfect Way To Mortify Senate Dems In Front Of The Entire USA

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Saturday morning, President Trump tweeted out his weekly address to the nation.

And, he came out swinging hard at obstructionist democrats in front of the entire country. (Video Below)

Since day one that Trump was elected and sworn in as President, Democrats and government officials that hold office, have continued to run with their “resist” platform.

They oppose anything and everything good the President is working hard to achieve for the American people.

Nonetheless, democrats have NO PLATFORM; only “resist.”

(Video Below)

President Trump came forward Saturday in his weekly address calling out the obstructing democrats in the Senate.

He said, “Senate democrats call it the resistance. They are resisting the will of the American voter. And, it is not good.”

The President continued pointing out exactly what they are doing to interfere with his agenda. (Video Below)

“From day one, Senate democrats have SHAMELESSLY OBSTRUCTED, stalled, and filibustered the confirmations of hundreds of talented men and women who are eager to come to Washington D.C. to make a difference. They want to serve our country,” the President stated.

But, the democrats don’t want to approve any of these people. The President says there are 300 still awaiting a vote.

President Trump then laid into the Senate democrats who are blocking and opposed to border security.

The President says they don’t want security for two reasons: (Video Below)

  1. They don’t care about it.
  2.  They are afraid it will make President Trump and the Republicans look good.

As he continued exposing the Senate democrats, he said, “They’ve blocked every effort to close deadly loopholes to keep out vicious criminals, stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs. They are a disaster at the border. These actions are endangering our citizens, threatening our communities, and undermining our national security!”

“It is time for Senate Democrats to STOP RESISTING the will of the American people! Start working across the isle to deliver for ALL citizens.” President Trump declared.

(Video Below)

 Watch President Trump’s weekly address:

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