Nunes Sets The Record Straight On Gowdy, Points Out Exactly What The Media Is Hiding

Gowdy, Nunes via Gowdy Office Picture Handout and Fox Screen Grab

Devin Nunes, (CA-R) the House Intelligence Committee Chair was up early this morning on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo. And he was on fire with facts as they discussed how the media is portraying what Trey Gowdy said about informants in the Trump Campaign.

Here’s is the outstanding thing about Maria. She asks the questions that most American’s want to know. As example, the media is busy taking what Trey Gowdy said out of context. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Specifically, CNN is saying Gowdy has essentially said there is “no there-there” with the FISA abuse. And that the FBI was right for placing a spy in the Trump campaign.

Maria asks Nunes about it. She says, “I’m just trying to understand. Because you broke the news on this program more than a month ago. That you’ve looked for reasons and catalysts to understand how an investigation was opened and launched into the Trump campaign.”

“And you said to us based on the Five Eyes Intelligence that all of our partners across the world. That there was no intelligence, that you could find that was launched [in] that investigation,” she continues.

“And yet, here you have your colleague, Trey Gowdy, saying the FBI did the right thing. So I’m trying to understand where the disconnect is.” Maria asks the question we all want to know! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Nunes responds, “Well, I think on what Trey Gowdy is saying. We gotta be very careful. Because the media has tried to make a bigger deal about this than what it is.”

Devin continues, “what Trey Gowdy, specifically is talking about is this small slice of the investigation that we are looking at, as it relates to whether or not an informant or informants were used. That’s what he is referring to.”

“I see,” Maria responds to Devin. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Devin continues, “He talks about the President is not a target of this investigation.  I believe that Mr. Gowdy knows very well. And he has been instrumental in helping us get to the bottom of the FISA abuse that did occur. That is absolutely for sure.”

Maria agrees and says, “Right the Dossier was unverified. And that was used to get the FISA warrant,” Maria reviews the potential illegitimacy of the Mueller probe time table for the audience. The full interview is below!

Sunday Morning Futures provides the full interview with Devin and Maria. (VIDEO BELOW.)

“.: “All the members of my committee don’t believe that the counter-intelligence capabilities should be used to target a political party – none of my members on the Republican side do.”

In closing, do you believe that the CIA, FBI and DOJ and White House should open a case against a political campaign? Does that appear to be “banana Republic” behavior?