What Kellyanne Just Said Will Be Remembered As Day Trump Defeated Obstructionist Dems

Kellyanne Conway discusses the first 500 days of the Trump Presidency. Image credit US4Trump screen grab compilation.Kellyanne Conway discusses the first 500 days of the Trump Presidency. Image credit US4Trump screen grab compilation.

Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the 45th President is touting the accomplishments of the first 500 days. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with the The Daily Caller, she touches on subjects like, the economy and the Trump administration’s biggest set back.

With the unemployment rate at an historic 18 year low of 3.8%. And a GDP hovering at an astounding 3%. There’s no question the economy is healthy due to Trump policy. And as Kellyanne says, “America is BACK!” (VIDEO BELOW.)

In her exclusive interview with the DC, Kellyanne says, “people are more prosperous, they’re more secure, the country is more respected on the world stage. Everything from the consumer confidence among small business owners, manufacturers, consumers, major employers in this country, is up.”

And the biggest set back during the first 500 days?

You guessed it! The House and Senate democrats. When the DC “pressed Conway on what the administration’s greatest setback was in the last 500 days of the Trump administration. She responded, “not having enough votes to pass even more legislation more quickly.”

Furthermore, during the a recent weekly address, POTUS says this on the subject of dems obstructing the policies that are working for the American people. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

POTUS says: “Senate democrats call it ‘the resistance’. They’re resisting the will of the American Voter.”  

WATCH the video as the President tells the American people what is happening on the Senate floor with the democrat obstructions!

A day after the DC exclusive, Kellyanne Conway joins Fox and Friends and discusses the first 500 days of the Trump Presidency. The list was impressive! These are the policies that have been achieved:

Isis is decimated, historic tax cuts, jobs numbers at 3.8%. The upcoming NOKO summit on June 12th. The conservative judge appointments including SCOTUS Gorsuch. Small business and consumer confidence is up.

The release of the prisoners, moving the embassy to Jerusalem. Getting out of the Iran deal. The VA accountability changes and leaving the Paris climate accord! ALL big wins for the American people. It is what we voted him to do!

In ending, Kellyanne says, “and those who deny it are just spitting it into the wind.”

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