Report Reveals Shady Side To Mueller That Special Counsel Wishes Would Remain Buried

Mueller's past with Colombo, Enron and Anderson cases not so honorable. Image credit to US4Trump with CSPAN Screen Grab.

It’s no secret that Mueller and Weissmann are connected to shady cases in the past. Innocent American’s were wrongfully imprisoned by the FBI. Why? To save the face of the FBI and their own reputations.

Too late, Mueller. The American people now know what you did in the past. Additionally, we are not going to close our eyes. And pretend that you might not do it again in the future. (MORE BELOW.)

Sara A. Carter, reports, “both men were also connected in two of the biggest corruption investigations in FBI history. But rarely are Weissmann and Mueller’s past cases discussed in the media.”

Sara continues, “Their past is relevant because it gives a roadmap to the future — now that these two longtime colleagues are charged with one of the most controversial investigations into a President in recent history.”

The Daily Caller reports, just hours ago, “As FBI director in 2002, Special Counsel Robert Mueller directed his agents to oppose the pardons of four wrongfully imprisoned men…newly revealed FBI documents show.” 

It is revealed in the Colombo case, that “four years later, the four men, or their estates, were awarded $102 million by a federal judge in Boston for their wrongful decades-long imprisonment due to FBI misconduct.” (MORE BELOW.)

Specifically, as Sara reveals, “Mueller was also aware of critical issues with Weissmann’s handling of the Enron and Arthur Anderson cases.” The Enron case ended in a reduction of the sentence for Jeff Skilling.

And as reported by Wisconsin Law Journal, “the investigation and prosecution certainly can’t get back the jobs and investment dollars that were lost.”

In the Arthur Anderson case, the Judges unanimously overturned his conviction! But only after, he was unjustly put through the wringer. As The New York Times reports, he “lost its clients after being indicted on obstruction of justice charges and has no chance of returning as a viable enterprise.”  (MORE BELOW.)

These two, Mueller and Weissmann, show they will go after anyone. Even if there is no legal basis for it. Moreover, proven by their past history. They will even jail people who are innocent. Mueller and Weissmann are shady. They do it for the political damage it will cause.

Just like they are doing to the President of the United States on the Special Counsel. Furthermore, the Witch Hunt is costing taxpayers close to $20 million dollars so far. And the cost of the political damage. It is costing the Presidency and every American time. Specifically, time that could be used to move the Trump agenda forward for ALL American’s. (MORE BELOW.)

The Special Counsel is NOT honoring the will of the American people. We voted POTUS in for this policies. He is the duly elected President. Fair and square. There was no Russian collusion or obstruction. The swamp would have leaked the news by now.

In ending, is it a surprise to you that Mueller and Weissmann have a shady past? Specifically, their involvement with jailing innocent men to cover for the FBI and it’s reputation?