After Being Caught In $84 Mil Scheme, James Woods Tosses A Grenade At The Clintons

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Conservative actor James Woods is always quick to pounce on everything mainstream media tries to hide, especially whenever bad news breaks for the Democratic Party.

And that’s what Woods did again, when it was found out that Hillary Clinton is now caught up in a scheme that involves over $84 million dollars. Surprise, Surprise! Continued Below

FOX News recently reported that as many as 40 state-level Democratic parties allegedly funneled $84M to Clinton’s 2016 campaign. As reported by FOX News:

Dan Backer, an attorney based in Virginia, has filed a lawsuit alleging that a plan was in place to circumvent campaign contribution limits set by the federal government, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

“You had individuals giving $300,000,” Backer told the newspaper Friday. “They’re not doing it because they care about Nevada’s or Arkansas’ state party. They’re doing it to curry favor with and buy influence with Hillary Clinton.”

James Woods reacted to the news and it was, of course, brutally classic! See Below

Woods tweeted a copy of the FOX article that discusses the potential scheme that involves the 2016 Clinton campaign, along with his own take on the news.

In his own words, Woods said:

“Its ALWAYS some snake oil, slime ball, back door, stealth shit with the Clintons. Can these people even breathe without lying, cheating, or stealing? ” See Below


BOOM! James Woods Tossed A Grenade At The Clintons!

We could go on and on about all of the scandals the Clintons have been involved in over time, however, we will leave it to James Woods to cram them all in the nutshell he just laid out.

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In ending, what do you think about the latest scandal that is unfolding around Hillary Clinton? Scroll down below and let us know!