Lindsey Graham Just Pressured Every House Member To A CHALLENGE That They Won’t Be Able To Refuse

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Senate Armed Services Committee Member (R-SC) Lindsey Graham interviewed with Maria Baritoromo on Sunday Morning Futures in an interview where they discussed President Trump overseas meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un.

During the interview Graham pressured every house member to a challenge that they won’t be able to refuse. (Video Below)

Sunday during the interview, Lindsey Graham speaking with Maria, said that seven democrats laid out a deal, led by Senator Chuck Schumer, to inform President Trump how to negotiate with Kim Jung-Un.

He held up the letter while listing off some of the democrats demands.

President Trump surely doesn’t need advice from the Democrats or Senator Chuck Schumer. And, the President let Schumer know after blasting him on Twitter.

(Video Below)

Graham said during the interview, “I embrace that letter as a good deal, now here’s my challenge. Telling the President of the United States what a good deal would look like… is very good.”

He continued, “But, you have to help him get that deal.” Graham continued, “You got to help the President convince North Korea and China that this program is going to come to an end. Hopefully peacefully. No more kicking the can down the road.”

Then, Graham laid out his challenge. (Video Below)

“Here’s my challenge. To every Democrat and Republican: You need to help the president where you can. Not undercut him. Writing a letter telling him what a good deal should be is good, only if you’re willing to back it up with the use of military force. There’s no way that North Korea is ever going to give up their program unless they leave military forces on the table.” Graham stated.

He continued, “So, I’m asking every democrat who wrote that letter, and my republican colleagues to tell North Korea and China that if diplomacy fails, we will have the President’s back. We will authorize military force as a last resort to stop the nuclear threat in North Korea to the American homeland and the world at large.”

Graham added, “If we are not willing to do that, than we will never get a good deal.”

WATCH BELOW as Graham pressure his colleagues to get behind the President for the safety of America and the world.

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