A New Report Reveals A Strikingly Unique Side Of Melania The World Has Never Known

Image Source: Video screen shot. Edited by US4Trump.com

According to a reporter who covers First Lady Melania Trump on a consistent basis, she is ‘no weakling!’

In an article published Monday, The New York Times’ Katie Rogers told The Cut what it’s like to cover Melania.

Rogers said:

“From Melania’s energy in photos and memes, people have really cast her on social media as cold and modelesque and icy. In person, she’s much warmer. However, she is a Trump and she supports her husband in a lot of things that would infuriate people. She smiles pretty easily, and she has a sense of humor.”

“I will say that if she feels things are unfair to her, though, she adopts the Trump tactic of totally punching back. She’s not a weakling,” Rogers added.

She also added that the First Lady is no passive spouse, and will defend herself vigorously if she thinks she has to. (Continued Below)

This kind of energy is why so many Americans love Melania Trump! She is currently working on her #BeBest campaign and also working with children on a national basis, such as the need to prevent cyber-bullying and protecting children affected by the opioid epidemic.

First Lady Melania tweeted Monday saying, “Thank you @HHSGov & @CMSGov for all you do to protect our children. I encourage everyone to learn more about how your state can help protect our most vulnerable from the effects of opioid abuse. #BeBest”

(Continued Below)

Rogers spoke about the First Lady and President Trump saying, “I think Melania is super fascinating in his life, and I think it’s also wild to her that she’s in this position. I think she’s really tried to embrace it!”

Rogers also spoke about Michelle Obama saying she struggled with being scrutinized. She added, “But I think she found ways to bring parts of her old life here. She always had a tight circle of friends, so she found ways to go away with them, and she also launched a platform. I mean, Michelle Obama also faced a ton of scrutiny!” Rogers indicated that MIchelle Obama spent a lot of time away from the White House with close friends.

Recently, the left-wing media has tried to bully Melania on her presence after a kidney surgery. Rogers says, “I think there is a large group of people that is not disturbed by [her absence], and thinks that she deserves her privacy.”

Rogers noted the President has made it very clear that ‘he’s not going to run the White House like other presidents have.’

President Trump fully intends to give First Lady the respect she deserves and not let the media bully her with no respect.

We know that Melania Trump is doing an incredible job as First Lady! She proves over and over she is fully equip to embrace her role and deserves recognition for it! Keep up the good work Melania!

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(H/T Daily Caller)