Robert De Niro Steps To The Podium & Yells Two Words That’ll Doom Hollywood For Six More Years

Robert DeNiro At Tony's via Tim Young Twitter

Since Donald Trump has become President, his approval rating has trickled up, while Hollywood’s approval has quickly trickled down. (Related Article: Hollywood Ends 2017 With Terrible News)

And after what actor Robert De Niro just did at the Tony Awards last night, it’s no surprise why Americans are becoming more and more disgusted with the Hollywood celebrity bubble that has formed into nothing more than a propaganda machine for the Democratic Party. Video Below

Robert De Niro is known for playing tough-guy roles in movies over the years. However, his high level of childish fits and temper tantrums displayed since Trump became President shows just how soft he really is.

It’s no secret that DeNiro and other famous celebrities hate President Trump.

De Niro took his hatred to the stage at the Tony Awards and showed America how sick the rest of Hollywood is when he came to the stage. The actor said a vulgar two-word phrase that brought almost everyone in the crowd to their feet.

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As De Niro stepped up to the podium, the celebrity-laced crowd was already cheering. But they roared and gave him a standing ovation when he yelled:

“F*** TRUMP!”

DeNiro pumped both of his fists in the air and the reaction by the crowd was something that has never been seen to date. Watch the disgraceful display below.

Backlash to De Niro’s odd display at the Tony’s instantly erupted on social media, but probably the most notable and best-put statements came from comedian Tim Young.

Young tweeted a picture of De Niro pumping his fists, with a reply that will haunt Hollywood in years to come. Young said:

“PICTURED: Robert DeNiro raises his hands in victory after revealing the clueless left’s strategy to make sure Trump wins again in 2020 at the

And then Young pointed out 5 ways that yelling F*** Trump will backfire. Tim tweeted:

“Re: Robert De Niro

The strategy of yelling “F- Trump” will:
1- Make people ignore you
2- Ensure Trump voters vote again in 2020
3- Turn off moderate Dems & undecided voters to your cause
4- Make you look like a hypocrite for also yelling about civility
5- Fail” 

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Robert De Niro’s Statement Could Have Just Doomed Hollywood For 6 Years

Hollywood has a hard time learning its lesson. After countless awards shows that focused on bashing the President, the 2018 Oscar’s suffered its worst ever ratings, which you can read more about HERE.

And after De Niro’s charade at the Tony Awards, the downward spiral will likely continue for Hollywood as they fail to gain any traction. If such acts continue, it could only help efforts to re-elect President Trump, as Tim Young suggests.

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