Celebrity Actor Robert Davi Comes Forward & RIPS Robert De Niro Over His ‘Disgusting’ Remarks

Robert Davi via TMZ Screen Grab, Robert De Niro via CNN Screen Grab

When Robert De Niro decided to march on stage at the Tony Awards and repeatedly yell “F*** Trump,” celebrities in the crowd embraced the moment and awarded him with a standing ovation for the crude remark.

Not all celebrities, however, found De Niro’s charade very funny and, in fact, think the actor was outright wrong and disgusting for doing it. And that’s exactly what Actor Robert Davi came forward and said in a recent interview. Video Below

While waiting for his luggage at the airport, Davi was spotted by a TMZ reporter and was asked what he thought about De Niro and his remarks at the Tony Awards. And his response was blunt and to the point.

Davi said:

“It was really disgusting. He shouldn’t have done it. It wasn’t the place for it.”

Davi said the remarks don’t unite, but divide the country. He then turned to the camera and blasted De Niro directly as if he was saying it to his face. See Video Below

Davi looked at the camera and exploded on De Niro when he said in a stern tone:

“I think it was disgusting what you did Mr. De Niro. I respect you as an actor, but it was disgusting what you did!”

Davi pointed out how it’s important to respect the President no matter if you agree with him or not. And as an example he mentioned how he strongly disagreed with Obama, but still met him in person and shook his hand. Video Below

Actor Robert Davi Goes Off On Robert De Niro Over His Recent Remarks

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In ending, do you agree that De Niro crossed the line with his remarks and set a bad example for Americans? Sound off below and let us know!