James Woods Unloads A Powerful Zinger & Hits ‘Journalists’ In Their Crooked Cubicles

Image Source: Defamer-Gawker and screen shot. US4Trump.com Compilation

In a firestorm of tweets, our most intelligent resident of California, James Woods, nails the heart of the matter on the Inspector General report!

Then notices the most peculiar thing about the press briefing today.  And tweets a powerful dig at the leftist poofters! (MORE BELOW.)

James notices something about the Daily White House Press Briefing which finished just moments ago! He noticed that not ONE reporter asked about the Inspector General report. Why? Because no matter how the Democrats try to spin it…it damages them BADLY.

Clearly, the Democrats and the liberal media do not want the Inspector General’s findings to be in the news cycle. That in itself, is enough to know that the IG findings are so damaging to the Democrats that they refuse to make it news.

While watching the daily White House briefing, James Wood’s tweets exactly what he noticed, “Watching the lapdog “journalists” ask @PressSec ANY questions but those regarding the IG report today is sad and disgusting. How can they embarrass themselves so blatantly?”


Furthermore, James Woods tweets about the MOST damaging part of the Inspector General report. The fact that Strzok and Page were clearly partisan players. And remember, Strzok was not just a lowly FBI subordinate. He was the number two guy on the counter intelligence investigation.

Strzok was as partisan as the day is long. And James tweets the IG findings. He defines the exact text that proves, without a shadow of a doubt that Peter was a partisan operator. James tweets, “[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” Page texted Strzok. “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it,” Strzok responded. #TheRealElectionCollusion”

See tweet below: 

In closing, are you shocked by the open propaganda like behavior of the Press so obviously not asking one question about the Inspector General report? Drop your comment below and hit the subscribe button for more!