After Swamp Report Released, Levin Drops A Rhetorical Ordnance On Comey & Crooked H

Mark Levin on Hannity responding to the Inspector General report. Image credit to US4Trump screen capture enhancements.Mark Levin on Hannity responding to the Inspector General report. Image credit to US4Trump screen capture enhancements.

Mark Levin gets to the heart of the situation. And WHY there is an Inspector General report in the first place for everyone to talk about. Levin tells the bottom line!

And it all circles back to Hillary Clinton and the fact that she broke the LAW! Does everyone recall the debate where then-candidate-Trump said “…because you’d be in jail?” (VIDEO BELOW.)

As it turns out, POTUS was RIGHT. Watch the instant replay below!  

Mark Levin was on Fox last night and he gave a synopsis of his take on the recently released Inspector General report. To see the 500 page document and the press release, click here and here.

Transcript of Levin commentary on the Inspector General report by US4Trump: (VIDEO BELOW.)

“The problem is Jim Comey, the problem is McCabe. The problem is Strzok, the problem is Page. It’s that whole crowd. I found it incredibly outrageous!

The new FBI Director, for once, he said, for defending the FBI. It’s a great institution and I happen to know it is. But then on the other hand. Everybody needs to be trained, not to be biased?

This report, even though the IG says, he didn’t find political bias. I’d have to say that there is bias throughout. And he uses the word [bias] throughout. But I would ask the Inspector General. (Continued below.)

Then, what kind of bias are you talking about? Racial bias. sexual bias. religious bias? Of course it was political bias! 

As I started out by saying, there’s not a single pro-Trump text from many of these FBI agents. There’s not a single pro-Trump FBI agent. They’re suppose to be objective. But they’ve politicized it to such an extent.

And the reason. The reason is, as I said, is because they had to protect Hillary Clinton. She would have and should have been indicted! So, Hillary I saw your little tweet today. Kind of thinking, well,  you see, even Comey used his personal email for government business. (Continued below.)

But Hillary, you violated the Espionage Act. And Jim Comey protected you. And you could very well be in an orange jump suit today. I am quite, quite serious. But you aren’t. And you should thank God for that.”

And with that, Levin ended that series. POTUS picked up on Levin and tweets the following on two of Levin’s quotes:

“Donald Trump was 100% right to fire James Comey.” Mark Levin

“Why in the world didn’t Barack Obama fire this guy (Comey)?” asks Mark Levin!

WATCH the FULL interview below! 

In ending, do you agree with Levin that Comey was protecting Hillary and that’s WHY she isn’t wearing an orange jump suit right now? Drop a comment below and hit the subscribe button below!