Rosenstein Skating On Thin Ice After Jordan Issues Brutal Threat That Will Stop Him In His Figure Eight

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Rep. Jim Jordan appeared with Neil Cavuto Saturday on Fox News where he gave his input of the released IG report and also slammed Rod Rosenstein.

Twice this week, Jordan has called out Rosenstein for his shady ways. (Video Below)

During the segment on Saturday, Rep. Jim Jordan explained that Inspector General Michael Horowitz, FBI Director Christopher Wray, and AG Deputy Rod Rosenstein will be talking with members of Congress about the IG report.

Jordans asks “Why is Peter Strzok still employed at the FBI after what we’ve learned from the IG report?” He added that all the other major players are gone, while listing off the swamp alligators, including Comey.

He noted that will be an important question for FBI Director Christopher Wray and Rod Rosenstein to answer.

Cavuato asked Jordan what he wants to hear from Peter Strzok when he has to testify, and Jordan responded that Strzok is the key player and the central figure throughout the entire narrative. (Video Below)

Strzok ran the Clinton investigation, was the lead investigator on the Russia investigation, and is the central character.

Jordan pointed out that the sequence of the texts messages uncovered are important while naming off a few. Also, he touched on the text from Peter that says, “We will stop Trump from being President.” 

He explained that he wants to ask about all of the messages and get answers from Strzok when he comes inn for his deposition. (Video Below)

In addition, Jordan slammed Rosenstein for the simple fact that he’s withholding information from Congress being able to do their jobs and Rosenstein threatening staff members on the intelligence community.

Jordan added that Rosenstein is skating on thin ice and a vote is coming in Congress for withholding information. In addition he added that there is also contempt and impeachment towards Rosenstein if he keeps it up.

He concluded saying that the IG report shows the bias at the top of the FBI, pointing in Strzoks direction.


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