Tom Fitton Pulls Open The Curtains & Reveals What Manafort’s Arrest Is Really All About

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On Friday, Paul Manafort and his legal team was taken by surprise when the judge in his case decided to jail him over suspected witness tampering as presented by special counsel Robert Mueller’s team.

Manafort is currently on trial for foreign lobbying charges, which were handed down by Mueller as a result of his Witch Hunt into President Trump’s campaign. And although Manafort’s recent trial related to him being jailed has nothing to do with Russian collusion, Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton recently came out and shined light on what he thinks this is really all about in the end. Video Below

Fitton appeared on Judge Jeanine Pirro’s program on Friday, and gave his take on Paul Manafort’s mess that he is now caught up in.

Being the watchdog that Fitton is, he smells something funky with Mueller’s antics related to his collusion investigation. Fitton strongly believes the moves being made recently come out of nothing other than desperation and retaliation.

Fitton said: “This is retaliation by the Mueller team for Manafort pushing back against his authority.”

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Fitton continued and said he thinks “this is overkill. And I think the Mueller operation recognizes Manafort is its reason for being. There really is no Mueller investigation to speak of substantively, without this big Manafort indictment.”

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Fitton said that Mueller knows that if his Manafort investigation is shut down, the rest “flitters away” because they have nothing on Trump. And Fitton feels what is going on with Manafort is really a distraction from the recent IG report that shows Mueller’s investigation was tainted by FBI agents who strongly opposed Trump. Video Below

Tom Fitton Exposes What The Manafort Case Is Really All About

In ending, do you think it was wrong and overkill for 69-year-old Manafort to be jailed in this case? Scroll down below and let us know.