Every Senators Head Spins After Sen Kennedy Blew Horowitz Out Of The Swamp

Senator Kennedy grills Horowitz on Capitol Hill. Image credit to US4Trump screen capture enhancement.Senator Kennedy grills Horowitz on Capitol Hill. Image credit to US4Trump screen capture enhancement.

John Kennedy (LA-R) was on FIRE sitting on Capitol Hill just a few hours ago! He lit a roaring inferno under Horowitz and blew his “there was no bias report” out of the swamp water!

One thing is certainly clear, the Louisiana Senator knows how to get his point across. Furthermore, he has everyone laughing from the corner of their mouths! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Take notes, folks! This is how a proper Louisiana grilling takes place! 

Senator Kennedy begins by asking the Inspector General Michael Horowitz if he believes in the Easter bunny! Then Michael responds, “No” with an obvious suppression of laughter around the corner of his lips.

Wasting no time, the Senator asks if Horowitz believes if Jimmy Hoffa died of natural causes? To which the Inspector General replied with an open smile, he replies, “not based on what I have read.”

At this point, everyone on Capitol Hill is wondering what mischief the Senator is up to! And without much ado and perfect timing, the Louisiana Republican hits the ball home. And boy oh boy – it’s a screaming red-alert fire-ball! (VIDEO BELOW.)

John says, “Do you honestly believe that the American people are going to look at this report. And look at those emails. And not believe that there was no bias?” Well, that wiped the smile clean off of the inspector general face! Then Kennedy continues, “And people acting on bias? And the fix was IN at the FBI?

The look on Horowitz face says it all! He literally, draws his face down and eyebrows raised as he launches into the worse explanation to defend his action of saying there was no bias in the report.

Then Kennedy, dousing water on Michael’s diatribe says, “STOP yakking.” Yes, the Senator actually said that to the potential swamp creature Horowitz! And the justice department’s inspector general, deserved it! (VIDEO BELOW.)

The IG report is titled, “A Review of Various Actions by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice in Advance of the 2016 Election”. Click here to check it out in full.

“SENATOR JOHN KENNEDY SCORCHES THE BIAS FILLED IG REPORT Kennedy makes Michael Horowitz eat dirt & admit there was political bias littered throughout the investigation. Then Kennedy finishes & hoists Loretta Lynch up on a hook! “Mr. Horowitz. Do you believe in the tooth fairy??..”

FULL INTERVIEW on Capitol Hill with Senator Kennedy and IG Michael Horowitz.

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