During His Speech, Trump Pauses & Does The One INCREDIBLE Thing Obama Never Thought To Do

Image Source: Video screen shot. Edited by US4Trump.com

President Trump gave a heartfelt speech on Tuesday to a group of business leaders in Washington, D.C. at the NFIB Anniversary celebration.

Among one of the topics he touched on, he criticized the recent outrage over immigration policies. (Video Below)

Daily Caller reports:

Recent media outrage over the administration’s enforcement of America’s border laws — that result in the separating some families at the border if they seek asylum after crossing the border illegally at non-checkpoint locations — has captured the nation’s attention.

Trump took the fight directly to the media in the speech, saying they were on the side of the smugglers and human traffickers who operate on our borders. The president also hit back at Hillary Clinton for attacking him over open borders criticism.

The president also hit Obamacare taxes and regulations and lauded his tax cuts in front of the business leaders. “Cuts, cuts, cuts, cuts, cuts,” Trump said. (Video Below)

The room was enthusiastic toward Trump and his attacks on various political opponents, regularly applauding and cheering passionately.

As Trump exited the stage, he took a moment to wave at the audience.

What he did next will make your heart happy! (Video Below)

Just before leaving the stage, President Trump walked up to an American flag in the corner of the room and gave it a hug.

This is not the first time that Trump has given a hug to the American flag. He also did so on the campaign trail.

President Trump loves America and the American flag. You never saw Obama do this. Thank God for President Trump!



What an amazing moment in time!

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