At MN Rally, Trump Pointed To The Media & What The Crowd Did Next Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Image Source: Video screen shot

President Trump held an explosive rally in Duluth, Minnesota Wednesday night.

The place was packed with thousands of supporters, and even many outside who didn’t make it in. (Video Below)

As President Trump held an EXPLOSIVE rally in MN, Fox News was the only network to broadcast the rally. All other networks ignored the Presidential rally. Unbelievable!

Check out the headline on the photo!

Image Source: screen shot

The fake news media continues to peddle their false narratives while the President is getting his message directly to the American people. Whether it’s rallies or Twitter, America is awake and listening. (Video Below)

The mainstream media is out of touch and clueless.

President Trump tweeted a picture showing the crowd size at the rally and apologizing to the many who didn’t make it into the building. That’s right fake news…. you can lie all you want, but this picture speaks VOLUMES.

The President tweeted: (Video Below)

Look at the crowd size! (VIDEO BELOW)

Image Source: Video screen shot.

In the beginning of his rally, President Trump pointed to the media and the crowd broke out chanting, “CNN SUCKS!”

Watch this hilarious moment below:

No wonder no one trusts the mainstream media. They don’t even broadcast the President’s rally because they want to hide the truth and keep peddling their fake news.

HUGE RALLY! (See more below)

Take this for example. (See below)

The President tweeted, “Look what Fake ABC News put out. I guess they had it prepared from the 13 Angry Democrats leading the Witch Hunt! #StopTheBias

Seriously, the headline says “Manafort pleads guilty to 5 charges of manslaughter.”

Thank you for reading and trusting us over the mainstream media. We will always continue to show you everything great the President is doing for America, and we won’t peddle false narratives.