Peter Strzok Hangs Head In Shame After Devin Nunes Finds Perfect Way To Humiliate Him

Screen Grab, Daily Mail & US4Trump Compilation

You have to appreciate every little thing Devin Nunes (CA-R) has done for every American in the fight for the TRUTH.

And in his latest tweet, he is bringing humor to this sad and sorry state of affairs. The truth is, the corruption is being exposed inside the Obama-era FBI, CIA and DOJ and it may even include the Obama White House.

Congressman Nunes has been maligned and his reputation attacked. However, most of America is still standing strong behind him! His twitter account is filled with every day American’s who are giving him credit for his brave stance against the darker political push against him. Click here to follow his personal twitter account!

In an attempt to add levity and also get to the truth inside the Inspector General’s report, Devin asks this very pointed question about a person, who could to be Special Agent Peter Strzok, and, if not, tied to him. Strzok, who is mentioned in the IG report, had many of his anti-Trump texts exposed along with his colleagues and may be directly involved with the person who is seen texting “Viva le resistance.”

Furthermore,  just to hit the idea home at exactly how BIASED this statement is, the French resistance fought against the Nazi’s. This anonymous pro-Hillary attorney mentioned “Viva le resistance” in text format.

Moreover, the French language text was mentioned in the Inspector General’s report. It was SO alt-left and anti-Trump that the attorney actually thought they were fighting against a Nazi. Yet, Horowitz found no ‘bias’.  (Continued Below)

Nunes tweets in an honest attempt to get information from the Department of Justice! It also happens to be very funny! He says:

“Can anyone tell me who the DOJ lawyer is that speaks French via text in the IG report? This will save a lot of time in the hearings this week so my colleagues won’t have to ask this question…”

(Continued Below)

Grab the popcorn, fellow Ameircans! The hallowed halls of the Senate are going to be a raucous room full of Statesmen from days of old during the upcoming hearings! It’s going to be VERY interesting…very soon!

In ending, do you think it was Peter Stzok or someone else who texted “Vive Le Resistance”? Any guesses? McCabe? Page? Or someone no-one expects? Like Rosenstein? Who do you think the banner-waving French speaking attorney is?