Two Protesters Try To Interrupt Rally, WATCH Trump Immediately Send Them Home To Mommy

Image Source: Video screen shots. Compilation

President Trump held an explosive rally in Duluth, Minnesota Wednesday night.

The place was packed with thousands of supporters, and even many outside who didn’t make it in. (Videos Below)

As President Trump held an EXPLOSIVE rally, Fox News was the only network to broadcast the rally. All other networks ignored the Presidential rally. Unbelievable! (Related:At MN Rally, Trump Pointed To The Media & What The Crowd Did Next Will Make You Laugh Out Loud)

Check out the headline on the photo!

Image Source: screen shot

The fake news media continues to peddle their false narratives while the President is getting his message directly to the American people. Whether it’s rallies or Twitter, America is awake and listening. (Videos Below)

With the fake news pushing their anti-Trump– fake narratives and agendas, there are still those who live in their parents basement and believing what they are being told.

In the middle of President Trump’s rally, two protesters tried to interrupt the President and soon found out Trump wasn’t having it. He immediately embarrassed them, sending them home to mommy.

(Videos Below)

As soon as the first protester tried his stunt, security made him leave and the President said, “So we have a single protester. He’s going home to his mom. Say hello to mommy.”

The next protester tired again, and was removed quickly.

As everyone was watching, cheering, booing and laughing at him getting booted out, the President said, “Was that a man or a woman? Because he needs a haircut more than I do!”

Then, the crowd roared whiled chanting “USA!”

LOL! Watch below:

President Trump is hilarious, and HE is the master troller.  The mainstream media did not cover the rally, but the videos above will make the headlines tomorrow. LOL!

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