After Deutsch Attacks Trump Supporters, ‘The Five’ Unleash Their Secret Weapons On Him

Donny Deutsch calls Trump suppporters Nazis. Image credit to US4Trump screen capture enhancements.Donny Deutsch calls Trump suppporters Nazis. Image credit to US4Trump screen capture enhancements.

Imagine a country where a major news outlet invites a surrogate for the Democratic party, Donny Deutsch on “Morning Joe” to call more than half of America a Nazi! Then Fox’s The Five give a “jiu-jitsu” kick right back!

And then Deutsch tells America that if you voted for Trump you are not only a Nazi but an evil person! (MORE BELOW.) 

You can’t make this stuff up folks! 

Real Clear Politics reports: Friday’s edition of ‘Morning Joe,’ MSNBC contributor and advertising executive Donny Deutsch suggested a new political “jiu-jitsu” tactic for the Democrats in 2018 and 2020.

Deutsch says: “This can no longer be about who Trump is. It has to be about who we are. If we are walking towards November. We can no longer say Trump’s the bad guy. If you vote for Trump, you’re the bad guy.”

Yes. He really said that. It’s as if he forgot how it went over like a lead balloon when Hillary called half of America deplorable! The Democrats never learn that insulting American’s is not going to make us want to vote Democrat. (MORE BELOW.) 

Deutsch continues with his master mind plan of insulting Americans, he says, “If you vote for Trump you are ripping children from parents’ arms. What the Democrats have to do is make the next election a referendum, not on not who Trump is, but on who you are.”

Deutsch then inserts his foot in his mouth so massively that he may never be able to remove it. He actually calls voters, Nazis! He says, “If you vote for Trump, then you, the voter, you, not Donald Trump, are standing at the border, like Nazis. Going, ‘you here’. ‘You here’.”

He then calls POTUS and voters evil! He says, “If you vote, you can no longer separate yourself from the evilness of Donald Trump.” No wonder the left is losing so badly! Wow! Click here if you want to hear him for yourself. (MORE BELOW.) 

The Five also had something to say about Deutsch’s vision of a 2018 marketing plan for the Democrats. Greg Gutfeld says, “I want to mention Donny Deutsch because he said that all Trump supporters are no different from Nazi prison guards.”

Gutfeld says that “it is dangerous stuff calling people Nazi’s. Because when you call other people Nazi. You are giving other people license to hurt them.” Greg goes on to tell us that “we have not heard a peep out MSNBC about this.” 

WATCH as Gutfeld tells MSNBC and Deutsch to chill down their rhetoric before Trump supporters get attacked.


In closing, do you think the left has a great idea in demonizing Trump supporters to get people to not vote Republican for the 2018 mid-terms? Do you plan on voting Republican for the 2018 mid-terms? Drop a comment below and hit the subscribe button for more.