Jim Acosta Arrogantly Shows Up At Trump Rally, Grandma Instantly Makes Him REGRET IT

Image Source: Video screen shot & Twitter. US4Trump.com Compilation

This might be the best thing you will see all day!

During a rally in South Carolina Monday, Trump supporters heckled CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta. (Videos Below)

Chants of “Go home, Jim and fake news Jim” broke out among supporters at President Trump’s rally during the Airport High School in West Columbia, where the president stumped for Gov. Henry McMaster.

In the videos below, CNN set up their television cameras and prepared for President Donald Trump’s South Carolina rally. While Jim was reporting, one suporter is seen in the background holding a “CNN SUCKS” sign. Then, chants broke out.

One supporter, identified as Maria Rojas, personally confronted Jim Acosta, telling him he doesn’t respect the country.

“I do respect the United States, yes I do,” Acosta told the woman in videos posted by an Associated Press reporter. Rojas is seen pointing at Acosta, and swatting her arms in his direction, and shouting to “take him out” of the building. (Videos Below)

Acosta is heard saying, “I have every right to be here ma’am.”

Jim later said on CNN that “I had an elderly woman, just a short while ago, come up to me — and said that we at CNN should get the ‘F’ out of this auditorium at this high school in West Columbia. She turned to the crowd and whipped them up into a frenzy, calling on us to leave before President Trump arrives.”

Acosta said, “We are here to do our jobs and report the news and report on this rally and we’re not going anywhere.” (Videos Below)

“With all of this talk of civility, I can tell you not all of the people in this crowd here in South Carolina treated us with that level of civility that we all think that Americans should be entitled to across this country,” Acosta stated.

Watch the first video as the sign is behind him and chants break out: (Watch videos below)


The lady who told Jim Acosta to “GO HOME!”


The crowd yelling at the “fake news!” (Videos Below)

And last but not least, Jim Acosta whining:





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