Rosenstein’s Swamp Hair Stands On End After Sara Carter Confirms His Worst Fears

Freedom Caucus writes impeachment papers. Image credit to US4Trump compilation with PBS Screen Capture, FOX Screen Capture.Freedom Caucus writes impeachment papers. Image credit to US4Trump compilation with PBS Screen Capture, FOX Screen Capture.

Whoa! Congress is NOT messing around! They have had enough of the stonewalling tactics from the DOJ regarding the release of FBI documents. Moreover, our favorite investigative reporter, Sara Carter is reporting about it!

In a BLOCKBUSTER revelation, Sara A. Carter states that the “House Freedom Caucus has already drawn up the paperwork necessary to start impeachment proceedings on Rosenstein.” (MORE BELOW.)

It’s getting serious folks! 

In her article entitled, “DEADLINE LOOMS: DAG Rosenstein, Wray Set to Testify This Week,” Sara informs America! She says that Thursday, Rosenstein and Wray are set for hearings with the House Judiciary Committee. The Judiciary Committe is chaired by Bob Goodlatte.

Furthermore, Sara reports that Strzok is set for a hearing on Wednesday behind closed doors.

Additionally, the DOJ failed to comply with the 5 o’clock deadline today. They were “to turn over documents related to the FBI’s investigation into its handling of the Russia investigation. According to sources who spoke with this reporter, the failure to comply with the request could lead to the threat of contempt or impeachment procedures by lawmakers,” per Sara Carter. (MORE BELOW.)

Furthermore, Sara reports, “The DOJ is trying to say we gave them a briefing on the documents, but what we subpoenaed are the documents. We did not subpoena them for a briefing.” 

Sara continues, “lawmakers will have “three main hammers to get the DOJ to comply: impeachment proceedings, contempt, or taking the DOJ to court,” the congressional official said. “The discussion now is which one of these we will move on, but everyone is frankly, exhausted by the DOJ’s failure to comply.”

Sara cites one congressional official who says, “if you put a gun to my head and made me guess, I would say they want to test us to see if we’re bluffing or not and I think once they realize that we’re not bluffing that might spark some change in them.” (MORE BELOW.)

In ending, are you ready to see Rod Rosenstein impeached for his continual stonewalling Congressional subpoenas? Drop a comment below and let us know!