What Nunes Just Declared Proves DOJ Is Covering Up More Swamp Secrets

DOJ fails to meet congressional documents. Devin Nunes responds. Image credit to US4Trump with screen shot compilation.DOJ fails to meet congressional documents. Devin Nunes responds. Image credit to US4Trump with screen shot compilation.

Devin Nunes (CA-R), House Intelligence Committee Chairman says, “I don’t think the DOJ will meet the deadline,” per Fox & Friends. Today at 5 p.m. Congress gave the DOJ a deadline to submit the missing documents from the FBI.

“Specifically, the lawmakers want to know if the DOJ and FBI used informants to spy on the Trump campaign, how many were used, and if they were used, how much it cost the taxpayers,” per Sara A. Carter, investigative journalist.

The DOJ missed the deadline…again. The stonewall continues. 

Devin says, “knowing the past, they are probably not going to meet the deadline. However, I think the American people are beginning to see what we’ve been after for a very long time. Is it common or does it ever happen that the counter intelligence agencies or capabilities of this Country… are they ever used to target political campaigns?” 

Nunes continues, “We need to know that answer. And I know the Democrats have been hiding because they are so married to this Russia gate fiasco that’s been going on for so long. But, I would think that most of the American people. Including, most people in politics. Would be very very worried if the FBI and others are running informants into our campaigns.” 

The California law-maker then states, It’s a “very simple question. It deserves a very simple answer.”

He continues, “We’ve been asking that question for many many months. And on Friday, we thought we had a meeting Friday morning. And we thought that everything was going to come together.  But. Then, as you all know, we received a letter almost at midnight Friday.” Click here to read more.

He says, “which is a text-book swampy example of what they do here in Washington D.C., is tell you they are going to get it to you by the end of the week. And wait until nearly the stroke of midnight.”

WATCH the video below:  

A fellow Patriot tweets in response, “the Constitution gives the Congress the power of oversight. The DOJ is not an independent branch of government. Since when can a Department head tell Congress to pound sand and we will not do as directed? Time for heads to roll.”

In closing, do you agree? Are you ready to see Christopher Wray and Rod Rosenstein resign or be impeached for their continual stonewalling tactics?