Dan Rather Attempts To Kick Pres Trump, Ends Up Landing His Foot In His Mouth

Image source: CNN, CNN Screen Grab. US4Trump.com Compilation

Dan Rather, former CBS News anchor joined Don Lemon on fake news CNN Tuesday.

Dan Rather attempted to take a lousy jab at the President, but ending up landing his foot right in his mouth. (Video Below)

During the interview on the fake news network, Dan tried to attack President Donald Trump, but ended up giving him a possible campaign slogan as he said the President is as “mean as a wolverine.”

Dan said that he had never seen anything like Trump. “President Trump gives every indication by what he says and what he does and what he doesn’t do, that he’s mean as a wolverine, and we’ve never had a president who had that reputation.”

Dan’s comment was turned around by Trump supporters who think it would be a cool campaign slogan.

(Video Below)

Democrats can’t help themselves as they are still in denial phase of their 2016 grief.

They try and try but fail every time when attacking the President. You can’t stump the Trump!

These mouthpieces need to realize we elected a real man, and he has no problem standing up for America’s values. (Video Below)



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