In A Matter Of Minutes, Goodlatte Torches Wray & Rosenstein’s Stonewall Down To Its Ashes

Goodlatte delivers honest and brutal opening statement to Wray and Rosenstein. Image credit to US4Trump screen capture compilation.Goodlatte delivers honest and brutal opening statement to Wray and Rosenstein. Image credit to US4Trump screen capture compilation.

Earlier this morning, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep Bob Goodlatte, (VA-R) delivered the opening statement. And boy oh boy did he set Wray and Rosenstein on fire!

In no uncertain terms, Goodlatte gave a synopsis of WHY everyone was sitting there. And then proceeded to torch the stonewalling duo in their techniques! (VIDEO BELOW.)

This is what Goodlatte said to set the room on fire! (partial transcription by US4Trump.)

“The recent Inspector General’s report revealed BIAS. In the top echelons of the FBI, during a hotly contested Presidential election. It revealed that FBI agents, lawyers and analysts held profound bias’ against then-candidate Donald Trump. And in favor of his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

While those on the other side of the aisle continue to exclaim that these bias’ are only personal political predilections that had NO effect on the operation of one of the biggest investigations in our Nation’s history. (Continued below.)

VIDEO BELOW. Begin at 2:40 minute mark.

I wonder whether these same members would say the same if text messages had turned up to the tune of ‘Hillary is a disaster.’ Or ‘We’ll stop her‘ or cursing her with all manner of expletives. Or smugly stating that particular parts of the Country ‘smell of Hillary supporters.’ 

These types of comments were originating from people who were the FACT finders in the investigation. These profoundly inappropriate comments were coming from the individuals who were making decisions on whether to provide IMMUNITY to people who had already LIED to investigators.

And whether subjects of an investigation could SIT IN on interviews with other subjects of the SAME investigation. (VIDEO BELOW.)

These were individuals who were plainly in positions of GREAT POWER with the opportunity to place greater, lesser or even no emphasis on certain facts or interpretations of law.  

These ACTIONS LED TO COMPLETE LEGAL EXONERATION of everyone involved in sending top secret emails over personal servers. And unsecured emails. And setting up a server for the explicit purpose of doing this.

These actions even led to exposing at least ONE classified email to a foreign party that risked SERIOUS DAMAGE TO OUR NATIONAL SECURITY.

Amazingly, considering their overwhelming bias’ – these people were also the VERY SAME people who were assigned to investigate – the man that they hated. Then candidate Donald Trump.”  (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH as Chairman of the House Judiciary Rep Bob Goodlatte (VA-R) rips into Rod Rosenstein and Chris Wray in Opening Statement.

Moreover, Goodlatte tells the pair that it’s like “pulling teeth” to get the documents they have been seeking! He then tells them they must YIELD to congressional oversight! He has had enough of their stonewalling!

In ending, are you impressed with Chairman Goodlatte’s ability to tell it like it is? What do you think will be the end result of Wray and Rosenstein’s testimony today?