BACKFIRE: Conservatives Give Maxine Waters A Taste Of Her Own Medicine

Patriot Picket shows up a t Maxine Water's in D.C. Image credit to US4Trump screen grab.Patriot Picket shows up a t Maxine Water's in D.C. Image credit to US4Trump screen grab.

A small group of American conservatives give Maxine Water’s (CA-D) a taste of her own medicine! After locating her D.C. resting spot they peacefully protested and show her how it’s suppose to be done!

Peacefully, they protested. The group’s name is called “Patriot Picket”.

They chanted and held signs in protest of Maxine’s recent violent rhetoric against Republicans outside her North West D.C. home.

The conservatives held signs in Mad Max’s color scheme, pink and white with black, saying, “Democrats=No Break From The Hate.” Also, “God Heal Maxine’s Hateful Soul” were among the several slogans.

The creative group also held aluminum trash can lids. Then with a wooden spoon, kept the beat, while chanting, “Hey! Max-ine! Where’s your niceness gene?

The protest was a direct result of Maxine’s verbal support of violence against Trump cabinet members and extending to Trump supporters.

Furthermore, Mad Max lost it and assaulted a journalist, Lisa Loomer who has since pressed charges on the embattled democrat representative. Click here for more details.

Jack Posobiec tweets: 

Conservative Protesters Show Up at Maxine Waters DC House.

In closing, what do you think? Maxine Waters receives a dose of her own medicine by conservatives. Is it poetic justice?