What Max’s Opponent Just Unleashed On TV Will Have Her Double Thinking Her Re-Election Bid

Sabato announces his run for Congress in California. And denounces Maxine Waters on rhetoric. Image credit to US4Trump screen capture compilation.Sabato announces his run for Congress in California. And denounces Maxine Waters on rhetoric. Image credit to US4Trump screen capture compilation.

America is really tired of Congress people like Maxine Waters, (CA-D). She sows seeds of discord Nationwide and even the Californian’s are tired of her antics.

The Californian’s are SO tired of her, they recently held a primary. Antonio Sabato Jr., Republican,  may very well be voted in to offset Mad Max’s insane voting record! 

“Corruption to the Max.”

Antonio was recently on CNN. Cuomo interviews him and he tells Cuomo that Maxine is the “Hustler of Hate”.

Additionally, Sabato reminds everyone that Maxine doesn’t even live in her own district!

He says, “She makes millions of dollars, [and] lives in Beverly Hills. Her constituents are dying on the streets and are homeless all over the place. And she’s walking away, like saying, ‘everything is ok. Our neighborhoods are fine.'”  (Continued below.)

Sabato then turns to the camera and tells Mad Max, “Why don’t you go live in your neighborhood. Why don’t you go live and surround yourself in your community. And help them, physically. Be there. Surround yourself. Like I’m doing in Ventura County for fifteen years.”

THAT’s what people in Congress should be like. [They] should be involved with the community 100%,” Sabato states passionately.

Cuomo has no choice but to sit and listen as Sabato places the final nail in the coffin, Antonio says, “How does she make millions of dollars? By making what, two hundred, two hundred and fifty [thousand] a year, maybe? Where is [she] making all this money? It’s CORRUPTION TO THE MAX.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH as Cuomo stumbles for words and simply says, “No. I hear ya!” after Sabato sets the set on FIRE with his fiery words! 

Who is Antonio Sabato, Jr.? 

Antonio is an Italian American. He lives in California and worked as an actor and model in his earlier years. Antonio has now turned his interests to Politics. Bravely, he is running for Congress in California!

In early May, Antonio filed paperwork with the FEC when he announced his plan to run for Congress. He gained 23% of the vote in the heavily Democrat area during the primary run.

Sabato plans to unseat his opponent, who is a Democrat named Julia Brownley.

Antonio Sabato is a strong Trump policy and Wall supporter. 

The good news is. He may very well pull it off since Brownley narrowly won her seat in 2014 against the then-Republican candidate 51% to 49%.

Let’s all do our part to assist Sabato in his run against Julia for the 2018 mid-terms for the Californian 26th district Congressional seat.

In ending, do you agree with Sabato? Do you agree that Congress people should live in their own communities? Instead of getting rich off of them like ‘corruption to the Max‘ has done? Drop a comment below and start the conversation! We want to hear from you.