After Chelsea Handler Calls Trump America’s ‘Enemy,’ Navy SEAL Retaliates With A Surprise Attack

Eli Crane and Chelsea Handler via Frog With A Blog and Netflix

A couple of weeks ago, Chelsea Handler continued on her Anti-Trump spree on Twitter and chimed in after a businessman referred to the President as being a puppet of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Handler called Trump a “domestic enemy” of America in her rant. And Navy SEAL vet, Eli Crane unleashed a calculated attack via a statement to IJR, brutally laying out why Chelsea Handler is dead wrong with her remarks. See Below

In a tweet that was a clear attack on President Trump, Chandler said, “Putin is giving trump talking points and actions to take to help undermine the very country he is from. We have a domestic enemy running our country pissing on about allies who shows fealty only to Putin. This is not America. This is Russia.” Navy SEAL Crane took offense to her comment and took time devising a statement that proves Handler does not know what she is talking about.

Veteran Navy SEAL Crane, spoke with IJR and explained why Handler is best off keeping her mouth shut when it comes to President Trump. And he used her latest remarks as an example.

Via IJR, Crane said in a statement:

Chelsea, please stop. Your comments about the president being a domestic enemy while he was negotiating a nuclear peace deal with the North Koreans are not true or helpful. Nor are your recent comments about the first lady, her broken English and her “dumb jacket” while visiting refugees at the border. This seems to be standard operating procedure for you on the heels of your criticisms toward Ivanka and her sitting on her father’s lap for a photo op. We get it, you hate the president, his family and his entire administration. Continued Below

Sadly, your comments are not hurting the president or going to achieve your ultimate goal of getting him impeached. It just reminds the rest of us in the “silent majority” how far removed and triggered you and your buddies on the left really are.

We are not fooled or reversed by you or your equally delusional peers in Hollywood, your interviews or your Twitter tantrums. It just exposes all of you for not really giving a damn about the real issues affecting real people and a reminder of exactly why Trump was elected in the first place. We see this administration stoking the fires of a booming economy, slashing regulation to set the potential of capitalism free. We also finally see the rest of the world regain their healthy respect for the United States of America again. We see a diminished ISIS, we see unemployment at their lowest point in decades, we also see a roaring stock market and consumer confidence trending up in lockstep.

We understand that you all have a lot to be upset about. Not only did the celebrity businessman who you all made fun of and told us didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming president prove you all wrong in one of the biggest presidential upsets in history. All of you also told us that the economy would fail, a hotheaded Trump would most certainly start a nuclear war and that the Mueller investigation would prove undeniable collusion with the Russians.

Chelsea, do yourself a favor and remove yourself from your protective Hollywood bubble and travel around a little bit to the rest of America to get the pulse of the people here. Start with those flyover states and the people there. You know, the ones that you and your elite pals seem to resent so much. Continued Below

Talk to Americans in Nebraska, New Mexico, Idaho and Montana. Ask them why Trump’s approval ratings are higher that Reagan and Obama’s at the same time. Ask them if Trump is a “domestic enemy.” Ask them if Trump’s tax plan and the economy is affecting their lives. Talk to them about immigration, border security, MS-13, sanctuary cities, school safety and gun control. Try really hard to not dismiss their opinions and label them racists, bigots, homophobes and much more because they don’t agree with your position.

Chelsea, we all want you and your Hollywood pals to continue to enjoy your First Amendment rights to freedom of speech, even Tom Arnold and De Niro. We even welcome your criticisms and opinions. We just ask that you show “some” respect for the office, if not the man and his family while they are working hard on issues that affect us all. Donald Trump is far from perfect, Chelsea, but he’s much further from a domestic enemy.

If you checked your hatred, anger, and criticisms for just a second, you might just realize why the rest of us are rooting for them and not joining you as you root against them.”

Wow! No one could have said it better! Thank you, Navy SEAL Crane for your service and for settling the score with Chelsea Handler!

Handler and others in the Hollywood bubble should really take the time and listen what Crane just said to her. But we won’t hold our breath as they have likely spiraled out of control at this point.

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