After Obama Predicts Pelosi Will Be House Speaker, Diamond & Silk Send Him Back To The Woods

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This week in California, Former President Barack Obama came out of hiding and attended a Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser, hosted by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

And during his time at the event, Obama predicted that Democrats will gain back control the House of Representatives, with Pelosi being it’s Speaker again. But Diamond and Silk conveniently responded with a brutal slam of the former President. See Below

According to Politico, Obama is quoted as saying how much he loves Nancy Pelosi and went further by saying:

“But Nancy, I believe is one of the greatest Speakers we ever had and will once again be one of the greatest Speakers we ever have after we get through this cycle.”

On Sunday, Diamond and Silk responded to Obama’s notion that Pelosi will be Speaker following the midterms and ripped him to shreds for endorsing her.

Video Below

With Silk’s now of approval, Diamond said:

“If Barack Obama, if he’s campaigning for Nancy Pelosi, that means he don’t have a clue. Nancy Pelosi is not working for Americans. But she is working for illegal aliens and MS-13 gang members.”

“If he don’t realize that, there maybe something wrong. Maybe he just doesn’t have a clue of what’s going on.” Video Below

Diamond and Silk Send Obama Back to The Gallows After Predicting The November Elections

Diamond and Silk’s come a day after President Trump ripped Democrats for trying to abolish ICE and exposed them for their Anti-American tactics.

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Before Saturday’s event in California, Obama was keeping a low profile after the IG report that was recently released proved he lied in relation to the Hillary Clinton email scandal. You can read more about that by CLICKING HERE.

In a world where Obama’s legacy has been crushed to pieces by President Trump, it’s no surprise that Obama is holding on to hope that Democrats will prevail in November and Pelosi can take back over.

But as time goes on, as Diamond and Silk point out, Americans are relishing the fact that Trump puts America First. And Pelosi, Obama and other top Democrats are pushing the concept of putting illegals first.

In ending, do you agree with Diamond and Silk that Obama simply doesn’t have a clue of what’s right for America? Scroll down below and let us know your thoughts.