After Michelle Wolf Trashes Ivanka, James Woods Flings Her Back Into Sewer She Crawled Out Of

Michelle Wolf attacks Ivanka Trump in vulgar rant. Image credit to US4Trump with video screen shots & Newser compilation.Michelle Wolf attacks Ivanka Trump in vulgar rant. Image credit to US4Trump with video screen shots & Newser compilation.

Netflix is going downhill fast. On the latest show of “comedienne” Michelle Wolf, she says the most disgusting things about First Daughter, Ivanka Trump.

It’s as if the Democrats cannot stop themselves in berating and going after strong, savvy, beautiful women. Everything they wish they were. And are not.

What happened to the days when First families were off-limits?

In her weak segment, Wolf attacks the Republican National Committee’s advertisement named “The Left in 2018: Unhinged.” 

The graphic video of the RNC advertisement is below: 

Fox News, reports that Wolf says on the far left media peddler, Netflix, that “Now is not the time to be hinged,” and “she disagrees with calls for ‘civility’.” 

Additionally, Fox reports, Wolf “unleashed a vulgar attack on first daughter Ivanka Trump, comparing her to ‘vaginal mesh’ and ‘herpes,'” during her last show.

Specifically, if you would like to read what was said during the nasty show, click here. Just hold onto your stomach, it’s a raunchy score of plus ten!

James Woods, sums it up quite nicely in his tweet, when he says, “If this character is the barometer of contemporary political “comedy,” Republicans are going to be in power for a long, long time.” 

See tweet below! James Woods says it PERFECTLY! 

When Michelle Wolf attacked Sarah Sanders at the White House Correspondence Dinner in early May, Sarah responded with great eloquence and class.

Sarah said, “That evening says a whole lot more about her [Michelle Wolf] than it does about me. The people that were my friends before that evening are my friends today. I hope that she can find the same happiness that we all have. Because I think she may need a little more of that in her life because the rest of us here are doing great.” 

And those words are true for Ivanka as well.

In ending, are you are disgusted by the crass call to harass strong Republican women by the Democrats? If so, then drop a comment below and leave a word of encouragement and support for Ivanka.