Chuck Woolery Launches A Blunt Force Truth Bomb At Obama That Can Save America

Although Hollywood star Chuck Woolery was at one point the host of the show “Love Connection”, he doesn’t have much love for all-talk, no-action, lying political elitists. And he believes America will be best off with a leader who isn’t afraid to tell the truth.

That is exactly why the outspoken conservative celebrity has, over time, grown to respect President Donald Trump, as briefly explained in his latest tweet.

Woolery has stepped in the political ring in his latter years, even hosting his own podcast “Blunt Force Truth” to help keep Americans informed on key issues and happenings that mainstream news fails to discuss on a day-to-day basis.

Based on his tweets, Woolery is definitely not a fan of Democrat (Progressive) policies that have, over time, shifted towards the direction of Socialism. And he gives a warning to the danger of what Progressive Democrats, like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, are actually up to in the long run with his pinned tweet that reads, “The difference between and . They both have the same end goal. Socialist. BAM your’e there. Progressives a little steps.”

Woolery recently sharpened his attack on former President Barack Obama, and explained why many Americans like himself, are warming up to President Trump more and more over time, and prefer to have someone like Trump as a leader.

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In a string of tweets, Woolery chastised Democrats for putting down and ignoring the current state of the economy because they know President Trump is the main person that gets credit for it. And he warned Americans about the dangers of falling victim to the control of what he calls, “Socialists” and “Marxists.” He eventually tied it all to one blunt statement involving both Former President Obama and current President Donald Trump. Woolery writes:

“Our founding fathers warned us about the enemies within our country. We must defend against them. Yes enemies foreign and domestic. Who are these people? They are the people who say they want to Transform us. Turn us into Socialists/Marxist puppets that they control. Enemy #1.”

“Major difference. was eloquent with his Lies. is Brutal with his Truth. I’ll take Brutal Truth any day.” See Below

Chuck Woolery’s Official Tweets

Whoa! It doesn’t get anymore blunt than that!

With those couple of statements, Woolery took the words right out of the mouths of many Trump supporters and moderates/independents who are teetering more to the right after seeing how everything has unfolded over the last 10 years. Sure, Trump might be brutally truthful a lot of times, but isn’t that much better than being lied to, all for the sake of being controlled in the end game?

Perhaps just the thing that America needs right now is more celebrities who can open their eyes more and see exactly what fellow celebrity Chuck Woolery is saying. Afterall, spreading the word of the dangers of Socialism instead of condoning it, like what many celebrities do, could ultimately save America from the evil that ia slowly trickling throughout.

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